06 May 2011


Yay for Easter! I heart God.
So my mom decides a few years ago that she's going to have an easter egg hunt. not just any kind of hunt, mind you, but a hunt for several hundred eggs all over the 40ish acres, in the woods, on trees, in rocks, woodpiles, and this time...

...in water! Good thing i had my knee high rain boots on. The other funny thing about all of this is that is didn't start till half of the kids were in college. But what better way to get college kids out of bed on Easter morning than make each egg worth $1...AND there is a golden egg--if you find it (and in this case, hold onto it, but more on that later) you're up a cool 100 smackers.

Kayla showing off her goodies.

Check out those kick rear boots.

Tony had to dig this one out of a stump.

Golden egg story...so this year mom was exceptionally sneaky. The golden egg was all by itself, way down where eggs were never hidden before. Moni and i were both wandering down that way, i was on our side of the property, and Monica was on the other side (we were separated by a sort of rock ledge, and in some places, a barbed wire)

So anyhow, we're both walking toward a big ole tree, and Moni makes a noise...and there's the nice bright golden egg! So i dash toward it, Moni dashes toward it, Moni's stuck behind a barbed wire fence, but she pushes for it anyway (tearing clothes in the process), and i see her hand trying to reach for the egg, her fingertips make the egg dance up the tree...and i SNATCH THE EGG UP!!!

i'm such a jerk.

Here's Moni, stuck behind the barbed wire fence! Poor girl. Don't worry, i offered to split the prize.

Then it was time for snowball fights in the beautiful weather!

Pete's friend David (he has some sweet dance moves) finding a few bright dollars.

Pete and the north dakota crew...Clockwise is Dave, Pete, Pete's cute gf Gina, and Flip.

Mom and Flip after their super awesome rendition of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World...Flip on the ukulele and mom's fabulous vocals.

i have to try to get the movie on here, because it's amazing. and when i say amazing, i mean REALLY amazing.

Yay God.

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