08 July 2011

chicago 7/2011

Josh and I took a road trip to visit Denny and take in a music festival--the dmb caravan--in Chicago for a weekend. Such a great time! We drove and drove and drove from Ashland to Schaumburg, where Dennis' parents live. They were kind enough to house us and let us leave our car when we drove to Chicago with Dennis. But first we ate some awesome Chicago style at Lou Malnatis. Because really, isn't traveling all about the eating? :)
My next order of business was to make sure that Josh got to try the sausage emporium that is Hot Dougs. The picture above is Denny and Josh ordering our million of hotdogs, including one with foie gras on it.

Look at all that food!

Good thing that the wait is worth it...

Denny, did you get taller?

The dmb caravan was a three day music festival--there were a few around the US. Chicago's was down at Lakeside, which was quite south, at the site of an old steel mill that closed in the early 1990s.

They even had a ferris wheel.

They had a ton of great shows, with the dave matthews band planing each night. G. Love and the Speacial Sauce, Ben Folds, David Gray, Ray LaMontagne, O.A.R., The Flaming Lips performing The Dark Side of the Moon, the Wailers (Bob Marley's kid and others--super fun), and Kid Cudi.

Going back to Dennis' apartment...the cooler makes a great horse.

Dennis and I went to a great market with all sorts of yummy foods and produce and clothes and jewelry and other fabulous things.

Enjoying the show.

The Wailers!

Concert pictures are so hard to get! We had a great time. Thanks again for all the hospitality Denny!!

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