03 June 2011

cali with kari and gibbler

So I've been slacking big time, and will try to get this updated! Back in June, there was a little jaunt to CA. My friends Kari and Jamie planned on going, and I totally invited myself along on their trip. The nice thing is, they are such cool cats they let me in on their fun.

Kari on the plane

Kari's friend Cynthia, her hubby, and her adorable 3 month old Massimo were our tour guides, hosts and drivers for the the trip. So nice!!

And on to the wine tasting! Meg, Jamie, Kari's friend Pat, Kari, Cynthia

Why are wine shops selling thongs???

Grr...Oink oink!

Fabulous picnic lunch with freshly cracked walnuts, vino, cheese....

Pretty vineyards!

Strawberry stand with the BEST berries ever. So so so so good!!!

Massimo, the cutie!

On a mission to find Kari and Cynthia's friend La Jenny. We had an address...it wasn't right...we searched the gated community, scaring some residents in the process. But we found her!

Pretty wig.


Fancy drinks in Healdsburg

Is Gibbler taller than the tv?

Playing around in shops

A real credit card!

I left my heart in San Francisco...but not with this guy.

The Golden Gate Bridge!

Turns out the gas station milkshake was way good. Who knew??

Cynthia let me drive the MINI!!!!!


Artichoke in Pat's garden

Our adventure to Muir Woods--gorgeous!

This banana slug wanted our lunch.

Abbey road remake.

More banana slugs!

Cynthia has a lime tree in her yard. How cool is that??

My first Dim Sum!

Bye Massimo! Thanks for a great time!!

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  1. Abbey road pic is great. Where are Kari's hands in the golden gate one?