08 April 2012

easter egg hunt!

Time for Mama Kutz's fantastic Easter egg hunt!  Having a new baby doesn't lend itself to getting up at the crack of dawn and finding some of the over 200 hard boiled, dyed eggs in the woods surrounding my mom's house. I figured that if Magda was going to let me sleep, I was most definitely going to sleep!

So what happens that morning?  That little girl was up at 5 am, ate like a champ, and then instead of going back to sleep just wanted to party.  Fine, says I, we will go outside on this gorgeous morning and work on your college tuition!  (Recall that Mama Kutz's hard boiled eggs are all worth $1, and the golden egg is $100!)

 The eggs are hidden all over the woods, and look gorgeous on this sunny morning!

Apparently the slugs are loving the eggs as well...

 Magda finally fell asleep.  Good girl.

Such pretty eggs!

Tone has eagle eyes!

The GOLDEN EGG!!!  Dan went wading in the water in his shoes (!) and got wet up practically up to his knees.  Oh, the fun! 

Sad bunny Magda!  Don't worry, she got much happier in a matter of seconds.

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