17 March 2010

just keep walking just keep walking...

So New Zealand is known for all of the hiking (or tramping, here) tracks and huts and opportunities. Josh and I have been doing a bunch of short hikes after work in the past few weeks, as we've been trying to break in our new hiking boots.
It's great, but I have a problem. I really like it, love being outside and being able to see all sorts of awesome things, but the issue is that I'm a big klutz. I fall on my rollerblades, on my bike, I've even fallen when I've been running (remember that one, Erika? Superman!!). And that was on a nicely paved road. So imagine, if you will, my inability to remain upright coupled with my tendency to look up...left...right...anywhere but down, really. It's annoying to have to watch where you walk when you're trying to appreciate nature.
Anyway, we've had fun, and I've only fallen or twisted my ankles like 5 times. I'm getting better! :)

Most of the hikes are all around the mountain, and the National Park that it's in. There's HOURS of hiking possibilities!

This is a great little hike to Wilkes Pools. It could almost be like the waterslides in Fiji if you give a few more hundred years!

Waterfalls everywhere!

Josh's serious senior picture.

Josh's super happy senior picture.

More goblin trees.

I'm going to have so many freakin' pictures of the mountain. I'll have to do just a gallery of the fun mountain pictures.

Little hike in the rain up to Curtis Falls.

Got to walk up the riverbed to the falls. The rocks got a bit slippery...

Look at these stairs! Super steep and in the middle of a gorge. Funny.

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