22 March 2010

yay for familia...

Oops. This is up a bit late cause Josh started writing it but didn't post it then Meg added some stuff too. Yay! Josh's brother Jake and and sister-in-law Em came to visit on Friday night to stay through the weekend. Jake had a birthday on the 17th so we celebrated a bit late with some yummy rum cake. Happy birthday, man!

We should have put more candles...but any more and the cake may have started on fire... (it was quite rummy!)

Saturday morning we all went to the Mt for a little tramp

Picture perfect!

We went to Wilkies pools, had fun looking at the water and playing in the shadows...

Those are two good looking shadows.

Josh's little big brother

Dawson's Falls with the troops.

Next we went to Josh's friend Cory's rugby game. Jake played all through college so he explained all the rules.

This is Cory, his team kinda got their butts kicked but he seemed in pretty good spirits. He asked us to come to his regular season game but warned us to bring our "winter woolies" because it gets cold. I don't think these guys know what cold really means.

Next we went to the pretty black beach right close to town--Em's showing off the black sand she collected on her feet!

Yes, still going on Saturday. Next we went to Opunake to go surfing. It was Em's first time and she did great standing up on multiple waves. Josh really enjoyed surfing with Jake again.

Finally we went dam dropping on Saturday evening. The water was a little cold but as always it was totally worth it.

This is Josh going down the dam. Check out Josh's facebook page to see the videos. Em's is totally worth it cause she gives quite a scream.

We all got a little sun that day and enjoyed a nice meal that night.

Sunday we went to New Plymouth to go far a kayak out to the Sugar Loaf Islands to see some fur seals.
More shots of the mountain!

The folks who rent out the kayaks are feeding a few sting rays, so there are like 4 and a baby that hang around...we just saw one of them, but it was a big guy. They are so fun to watch.

Looking good boys! That's one of the Sugar Loafs (loaves??) in the background.

Then we headed out to Fitzroy beach to eat our Burger Fuel--it was a gorgeous (albeit windy) day, with a ton of kite boards out. Fun to watch. Meg and Em took a bit of a nap.

Pretty mountain on the way home!

Went out to a bistro for dinner that night--no one was super hungry so we thought that we'd get an appetizer...the appetizer turned out to be a HUGE pile of fries, topped with mini corn dogs, wontons, onion rings, calamari, and chicken nuggets. For real. Then we rolled ourselves home to go to sleep. Em and Jake had to get up nice and early to get back up to Auckland on Monday morning. It was a great weekend!

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