03 February 2012

Baby Magda!!

Yay for babies! So the pregnancy had been going swimmingly, till the 39 week visit. Unfortunately, Meg had some high blood pressure, and then had a test to look for protein in the urine, which was positive, so she was diagnosed with preeclampsia. So she had to take some meds, take it easy for the weekend, and show up at the hospital on Sunday night (January 29th) for an induction.
It was an interesting experience for Meg to be a patient!

Inductions usually don't work very well for first pregnancies, so at church Sunday morning Josh asked a great Franciscan priest to pray for her. He offered to do an anointing. It was such a cool spiritual experience! We could really feel God was with us.

Josh and Meg on Sunday night!
So Meg woke up on Monday and was dilated a decent amount so her doctor (and our neighbor) Nyasha broke Meg's water at 8:30. Strong contractions started right away, and she was a rockstar with them (so says Josh, Meg felt like she was just out of it) for about four hours and it was time to push. She pushed for about 40 minutes and then we had our miracle Magdalena Grace Kutz Hegman. There was a lot of grace from God with the delivery and we thank all of you for all of your prayers and thoughts!

This is us with Nyasha, she and the nursing staff were absolutely amazing!

We are very proud and thankful parents.

Josh fell asleep with Magda on his chest the next morning but don't worry Meg was watching!

Meg's friend Jamie made this adorable hat--don't you think she should sell them??

Josh gave Magda her first bath.

Magda and her daddy!
More pictures and funness to come as her parents get more sleep!

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