15 February 2010


I (Josh) have been able to get a good amount of surfing done since we've gotten to Hawera. We live a couple blocks from the "surf highway"(it really is, there's signs for it and everything) and that means getting surf virtually everyday. There's been a couple of days that I couldn't paddle past the break(it wasn't from a lack of trying) due to the waves just being too big and breaking everywhere. The first picture is of Opunake which is a little ways from our apartment. Unfortunately none of these are of me, I only wish I was as good as these guys.

These next four are of Stent Rd which is about 45min from our apt. It's a famous break which reminds me a lot of the Stoney Point break back around Duluth. The only difference is that this is a day that we would have thought was pretty good back home and here some guys didn't even go out because it was at best a bit below average to them. I love the picture of this guy. I didn't even catch his name because he surfed in when I was paddling out.

This is the backdrop you get looking back to shore.

Good looking surf!

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