15 February 2010

vote for your favorite hairstyle!

You may have noticed that Josh's hair is getting long. Yes, quite long. Like multiple-lengths-of-my-hair-long. He has recently discovered the happiness of a ponytail. And then he found this other fun hair-out-of-the-eyes thing. And the picture below is the use of the 'buff,' which is an awseome piece of cloth that you can wear in multiple ways. My personal favorite is the pirate. I'm going to have to get a picture of that up here!

Now for the competition pictures: please vote for your favorite hairstyle for josh in the comments below!!
Number 1--the simple pony (stylist: Josh)

Number 2: the whale spout pony (stylist: Meg, of course..for the rest of the pictures too!)

Number 3: Mohawk ponies. Awesome.

Number 4: simple piggies.

Number 5: middle part. not a good look.

Number 6: Scattered ponies. Might be my favorite.

Another view of #6. Ahhhhh, yeah.

Number 7: the all around the head plastic thingy.
Mad face cause he loves his piggy tails. (What??)
Please vote. :)


  1. i like the simple piggies, it really brings out Josh's school girl style!

    love Sarah staum

  2. I have to agree with the first voter - simple piggies. I guess not a surprise coming from me since that is my perferred hairstyle for myself too!

  3. What are you doing to my son???
    Personally I like the mohawk!

  4. 1. simple piggies
    2. mohawk
    3. spout

  5. Can we get a shot with a side part? I think that might be a winner.

  6. Simple piggies. My true favorite is the buff, but that's not an option on the ballot. :)


  7. I have to go with the middle part! Weird, but I just can't look away from it. You're a handsome dude Josh---you can really rock the long hair. Matt is totally jealous, we are planning a "Goodbye Hair" party for him in 2010.


  8. Hmm what would I pick I think I like the piggies and then the simply pony. Oh man do I love my little gingy brother in law and my sister of course :)))))
    Love your favorite sister Michaela