10 July 2010

6 months gone in a flash!

Holy cats! On Friday, 9 July was my last day of work (for now!) at Ruanui Health Centre in Hawera. Six months went by way too fast. We really enjoyed our time in Taranaki, and all of the lovely people that we met and worked with and hung out with.
So on Thursday we had a little lunch/cookout at work, where everyone said very nice things and gave us presents--presents! Isn't that the nicest thing ever? And then folks came over to our apartment to have some more celebration time. We loved it.
And then we had to pack and clean on Saturday. Sigh. At least Warren and Cia (and their adorable granddaughter Mereana) were around to pack up what belonged to the clinic, and kept us company. Deb and Honk came over as well, as they also had to pick up the chairs they brought over so we'd have seats for everyone!
So here's our fun lunch on Thursday: Here's Parewaho, Moko, and Ann

Check out that beautiful buffet table! These guys really know how to put on a feed. :)

And a nice group shot--what a good looking group!

The gals who know everything: Moko and Carol manning their front desk station.

Anneliese in action.

And then we had our shindig on Friday night. Honk hamming it up as usual.

Leisa (with a gorgeous brand new haircut) and Anneliese on the roof...they had to go out for a cigarette break (though both of them are QUITTING, right girls???), so I told them they had to go on the roof. Funny.

And then we headed to the airport on Saturday with Warren, Cia, and their adorable grandkiddo Mereana. She looks super crabby in the picture, but she was good as gold for the whole trip.

Our last view of the mountain and the Pouaki Range...till we see you all again!

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