13 July 2010

things we like about nz...

What is there not to like, really? The list is so long....
but here are a few of our favorite things:

1) The food: YUM! Pies, which are so bad for you, but oh so tasty, yummy ice cream, Schok chocolate (which may even deliver...), Mt Dew in funny little fat containers, ANZAC cookies, marshmallows. So many good foods! Josh found his absolute favorite ice cream bar, the Big Bikkie. My favorite was the fruit whips...whipped, for the girls....this is one of the ads, and the commercials were even better..

2) Then there's the animals that look like foods...
Oreo cows...
Guinness cows!

And 'wandering stock' in general...

3) Road things: roundabouts! And the road signs! And the funny peeps with their goggles in their old car!

4) The tramping. And the mountains!! So much fun.

And all the super fun outhouses.

5) The people. What's not to love?? We love the people that I worked with--here's Ann when I dyed her hair pink!

Warren and Cia wearing her Lady Gaga wig!

6) Tidy Kiwi signs. This one was in a lady's toilet.

And here's a tidy Kiwi rubbish bin.

7) Large Statues of Interesting Things! Such as carrots, bread, cows, big bottles of L&P (it's a soft drink, world famous in New Zealand!).

8) Awesome art everywhere. This piece was on the way to the Wellington airport and is my favorite. all the colored squares turn at different speeds depending on the winds. I figure that Monica's Ian can figure out how to make one so we can put in in the yard.

The fountain on Cuba street in Wellington.

And the stone sculptures are amazing!

And one of the artists that was at the art gallery that Josh worked at was also super fun--her name is Tina Drayton, and as a reminder to myself, the website is studio86.co.nz, she does commissions!

9) The playgrounds. The kids here are so lucky. Mountains, octopuses, crazy bungy things, skateparks galore...

10) Stubbies! The short shorts that all the guys wear--from teenagers to the oldies--make me giggle. And now Josh has a pair. :)

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