26 July 2010


Yay! Bali! Home of surf and beach and other beautifulness. The last time I was here, I bought a timeshare in a moment of weakness. Don't ask. However, I do have to say that the hotel is a welcome luxury after campervans and hostels...
Lovely touches like flowers in the bathtub...

Towel animals and flowers on the comfy bed...

And yummy champagne to celebrate our first wedding anniversary!

Ah, yes, now back to surf and beach and laying around the pool...


  1. You deserve all of that wonderfulness!! Looks like a lovely place to celebrate your anniversary.

  2. Nice lovenest. Elissa is in Madison Wisconsin right now with her family for the Transplant games. It sounds like Lana already has a gold, silver and a bronze.

    Take Care,


  3. way to go, lana! she's such a rockstar--like her sister E. :)