10 May 2013

Beach!! Day 11

Today we drove to the south end of Krk, to a town called Baska. It has a gorgous beach that we played on for awhile. On the way back, we stopped for josh to go wakeboarding on this cable line thing. He said it was very different than wakeboarding behind a boat, but fun!
1. In the baska valley, the have sculptures of the Glagolitic alphabet (the oldest known Slavic alphabet from the 9th century.) This is A. Nice!
2. Sun screen.
3-5. Gorgeous beach!
6. More sun screens.
7. Cable Krk-josh did his awesomely cool wakeboarding stuff here.
8. Magda loved playing on the porch, and with the doors, and with her little chair...
9. Another beautiful sunset.

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