06 May 2013

Krk island and bad rental cars...day 7

Another driving day! We went to the lakes again to take a few pictures from a higher vantage point-that place is amazing! Then we headed out to go to Krk island. Croatia has loads of islands, this one is actually connected to the mainland by a bridge-easier than figuring out ferries!
We had also been having a few problems with the rental car-first the check engine light was on, then the oil light too. When we stopped and josh checked, it was almost dry. Then when we were leaving this morning, the car wouldn't start. Seriously??? It had to be jumped, and then we had to make sure to park on a hill so josh could pop the clutch. Good thing we had a 5 speed! We talked to the rental car people who were minimally helpful, but finally agreed to meet us in krk with a new car. All's well that ends well!
1. Pretty lakes
2. The first route we attemped to get to krk-does that really say mines??? We turned around...
3. Good passenger!
4. Good driver!
5. Stopped for some food-they had yummy beet salad and bean salad!
6. Finally, our lovely destination!

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