10 May 2013

To zagreb we go! Day 12

Last day on Krk! We spend some time at our beach near the apartment, then grabbed some lunch and headed to Zagreb, where we will fly out tomorrow. So sad!!! But it has been such a great time.
When we got to Zagreb, we found our hotel, parked, and headed into the bustling center. We had read about a brewery that had several restaurants in the city, and decided to try it out. They had some tasty brews (Magda agreed!). most of the beer that have been available have been the lager type, so it was great to try some other local flavors! We tried a wheat, a brown, a dark, and 'extra strong.' All good stuff.
1-6. Beachy time before we head to the big city!
7. Zagreb center
8. The tram!
9. At Pivnica Medvedgrad, yummy brewery/restaurant!
10. Magda was holding that giant glass by herself! She had a table of young men laughing at her beer drinking antics. Don't worry, the glass was (mostly) empty!!
11. Behind josh is a group of people dancing-it sounded (and looked!) like Irish dancing, but who knows??

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